Throughout the Covid crisis, EAMA has maintained a stream of succinct guidance and clarifications from government regarding safer working, business support initiatives and other measures.  This has proved invaluable in ensuring that firms in the sectors EAMA covers were clear and confident as to what was required and what was available.

We also fed back queries and views to government, with evidence.

A strong message throughout is that the machinery and component supply chain, for the most part, never stopped, therefore did not to be re-started; rather, that it adjusted and kept on working, in line with guidance that “it is important for business to carry on”, a point that was insufficiently understood in the wider economy.

Manufacturing and engineering deserves recognition for its role in keeping the economy moving.  It can also play a leading role in economic recovery.  EAMA’s message to government is that the industry is working and looking to take on more orders from within the UK and abroad, and that it should get behind that message, strongly.