EAMA and its members are increasingly involved in carbon net zero, reflecting the growing importance of sustainability issues to companies in the machinery and component supply chain. 

Our commitment is long-term and wide-ranging, reflecting the complexity of the subject.  It is also at a relatively early stage and is evolving. 

As ever, our interest is to support member firms, in this case by helping to identify in straightforward terms business threats, opportunities and practical responses.  We inform, advise and provide opportunities to share knowledge and gain understanding, and we provide representation to government.

We can identify three reasons why companies act on net zero:

  • The moral standpoint of the owner or senior executive of the business. This personal motivation should not be overlooked.
  • Business improvement. As examples: to increase the brand appeal to customers; to reduce costs, or to help retain and attract staff.
  • Legislative or contractual requirements.    

It should be recognised that many engineering and manufacturing firms have already started their net zero journey.  They are fostering a sustainability culture, changing processes, and investing in equipment.  An example with widespread relevance is the use of solar roofing panels, which firms say is a sound financial investment, purely in terms of energy costs – a view that raises an interesting question as to whether solar should be a regulatory requirement on new roofing.

EAMA will be producing more on net zero for companies in the coming months.  We welcome examples of actions taken by companies and of policy thinking related to net zero and sustainability in the machinery and component supply chain. Email jacksemple@eama.org.uk

EAMA has signed up to the SME Climate Hub and is a member of Climate Action for Associations.

*EAMA contributed to a webinar presented by Climate Action for Associations and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) in August 2021, along with EAMA member, the Manufacturing Technologies Association:  BEIS & CAFA Net Zero in Manufacturing (climateactionforassociations.org)